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    Why Work with Integrity Title?

    Integrity Title01


    Is one of many paths, distinguished from others for it’s
    the only path upon which you will never get lost.

    Integrity Title & Escrow Company believes that a settlement should not be a wilderness experience. Our goal is to cultivate and develop confidence and trust with the clients we serve. Our focus is to provide professional services that are efficient, prompt and informative; to reach the ultimate goal, which is providing our clients with satisfaction and peace of mind at the settlement table.

    Settlements Made Simple
    • In-Person Secure Settlements For your safety, conference rooms are reserved for buyers and sellers only, and are held separately in our conference rooms behind clear plexiglass for additional protection
    • Curbside Settlements Never Get Out Your Car. Sign and Drive. (For Refinancing or Seller Signing Only)
    • Virtual Agent Settlements Be Included in your Clients Settlement Live, Safe and Secure by (via CISCO WebEx)
    • E-Closings RON Approved Secure Notarized Settlements
    • RESPA Compliant Unsurpassed professional services and highly competitive prices
    • Settlement services Tailored to your specific needs: specializing in cutting edge technology to fit each client's need
    • Prompt answers to your questions By experienced professionals through online services, phone, and email throughout the settlement process
    Why Use a Title Company?

    The title company researches and investigates information affecting the title to the property you are purchasing, starting with the public land records. The purpose of the title search is to transfer the property that you are purchasing free and clear of any title defects such as: forgery, signature by a minor or mentally incompetent person, fraudulent representations, undisclosed heirs, liens, invalid divorces, unpaid taxes, undisclosed wills and much more.

    Title Insurance

    Both lenders and buyers need title Insurance. The owner's title insurance policy provides protection for the duration of ownership and guards against any possible losses due to problems that could occur after settlement. The lender will also require title insurance to protect their security interest.