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    Realtor Partner
    Realtor Partner

    Integrity Title works on behalf of our Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Investors to ensure they can stay focus on their client’s needs.

    Our focus is getting you to the settlement table properly, securely, and efficiently. When you can trust that your contract and documentation are properly handled and prepared for a timely settlement it takes the stress out of preparing for settlement. Our overall focus is to present your clients with an overall stellar experience and lasting memory to help create repeat business and referrals back to you.

    We provide our agents with online tools and other conveniences to ensure their closing process moves forward seamlessly. As well as marketing tools to help generate business with:

    • State-of-the-Art Technology To handle closings and client paperwork online via our secure QUALIA Connect platforms. Never lose another client or their information.
    • ZOCCAM (EMD) Earnest Money Deposit, keep track of your client deposit, instant receipt. Secure paperless email closing portal for clients closing documents
    • Premium Virtual Chat Using CISCO WebEx to conduct private conversations and meetings
    • Curbside Settlements Providing safe and secure “sign & drive” settlements (for sellers only)
    • Events and Marketing Tools Tailored for agents to grow your business and expand your knowledge in the industry
    • Title Quotes Get a full title Quote which includes transfer taxes 24/7 anytime, anywhere
    • Agent Commissions Checks FedEx overnight or commission funds wired per brokers disbursement instructions complimentary.

    Click the link below to learn more about becoming an Agent Partner with Integrity Title & Escrow Company.

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    Become A Partner

    At Integrity Title, you are not just another contract. We treat our clients as partners, and value you and your clients from contract to settlement. As a realtor partner with Integrity Title, take advantage of the following tools for your business and your clients.


    An online platform which houses secure digital real estate e-closing documents and information for agents, lenders and their clients

    Zoccam: EMD Platform

    Ernest Money Deposits (EMD) made simple and trackable for agents and buyers

    Agent Commissions

    Commissions are sent via FedEx overnight or wired per Broker
    (written instructions)


    Secure notarized settlements and virtual eNotary
    (approved and vetted by Notarize Inc)

    Instant Title Quote

    Get a quote and order your title quick & easy online

    We Welcome the Opportunity to Serve You and Your Clients